Suzy B


Suzy has been teaching exercise in the fitness industry for 21 years.

Suzy is an advanced CYQ level 3 pilates instructor and teaches mat pilates classes at the club on a Friday morning and the BarreConcept method on a Monday morning which is a ballet inspired, upbeat but low impact workout.  Suzy is a member of the Register of Exercise Professionals which aims to ensure that anyone teaching exercise has sufficient skills, qualifications and insurance to do so. She is continuously updating her teaching skills & attending training courses. Suzy teaches all levels & age groups including antenatal & postnatal pilates, which she is qualified to teach at advanced Level 3. Suzy also practices meditation daily & her pilates clients benefit from this at the end of her pilates session. Her vision encompasses movement, healthy habits & relaxing both mind and body to encourage wellness & good health.

You can contact Suzy on 01753 528 998 or 07905141677

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